Attributes Of A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Kid-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen plays a key role in the home. It is often open to everyone including children who are always curious and ready to explore.  However good the place may be, it may pose a great danger to the children if the necessary precautions are not put into place. It is therefore important to keep it safe and ensure that you invest in a great deal of planning to prevent accidents from happening.

Children who have attained the age of assisting in the kitchen should always be supervised.  Any harmful objects should be stored out of reach, as they can cause scars and other injuries which may last for a lifetime. Some of the common attributes of a childproof kitchen, as you will discover here now are such as:

Safety from Fire

Almost all cooking tasks need a source of fire to be accomplished. You must realize that it is easy for children to get burnt and ensure that you watch over them so that they do not touch any hot objects. Always place the microwave or oven high enough so that the child cannot access the control knobs. Never leave the burners or stove on when you are away and keep matches and lighters in a drawer. Teach your children some preventive measures which they can use in case an accident occurs in your absence.

Proper Storage of Sharp Objects

The kitchen also serves as storage for most utensils in the home. Sharp objects including knives and forks need to be stored in a container or cabinet as they also pose danger for the children.  All glassware should be secured as well since they can break and cause injuries.

Electric Appliances

Some of the kitchen appliances utilize electricity, which is very dangerous when handled carelessly.  Cover all electronic appliances and outlets to prevent electrocution.  Watch out for loose cables and replace them as often as they should. Unplug each appliance immediately after use and beware of cords that dangle over kitchen tables and counters. Keep the dishwasher under lock to prevent exploration by the child.

Install Locks, Bumpers and Stoppers

Cabinets that are within reach should be fitted with childproof locks. If this is not possible, you can empty the cabinets to minimize the risk of damage and accidents. Surfaces that have sharp edges should be shielded using corner bumpers and stoppers installed on doors to keep them open thus preventing the children from getting their fingers pressed.

With such precautions in place, you can worry no more about your child’s safety. Even so, always ensure that your children are attended to, and that you do not get used to leave them in the kitchen alone.


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