Baby Safety Should Be a Priority in any Home

Baby Safety

Daisy only realized the stairs in her home were a hazard when her six-month-old son started to crawl and play around them. One day while she was in the kitchen, the baby crawled from her corner and headed to the stairs. The next thing she heard was a tumble and a thump as the baby fell down the stairs. Fortunately, he only experienced minor cuts and bruises thanks to the carpet and the clothing he was wearing. Daisy didn’t require anyone to tell her that she had to visit and return home with safety gates for the stairs and other entrances in the home.

A Common Phenomenon

This is an experience that happens in so many homes, attributed to the fact that most of the kids that are 5 years and below spend most of their time in the home. Even the best parent in this world can’t have their eyes on the kid 24/7.

Child Safety a Mirage in Most Homes

Most of the staircases in our homes aren’t designed with child safety in mind. In fact, the first thing that builders consider is the functionality of the stairs, then the décor before they consider other vital issues. Child safety is usually last on their minds.

Most of the stairs you will get don’t support hardware mounted gates, while some might not even support pressure-mounted gates. In such a case, the expertise of a custom gate builder comes into play.

A Stroller or Carriage Can’t Stop Injury

Well, accidents don’t just happen when the kid tumbles down the stairs, kids have been injured when they fell down the stairs while still strapped in their stroller or carriages. Most parents tend to think that these accessories can stem a fall, but they are wrong. The injury in such a case might be more severe as compared to a free fall. Whether the kid is in a stroller or not, make sure you have an appropriate gate installed at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

The Bottomline

Even an award winning parent can’t have their eyes on their kids all the time, it is impossible. You need to have something else to guarantee the safety of the kid within the house. One of the most effective ways to do this is to set up baby gates at critical entrances in your home. Make sure you take child safety to another level by choosing the perfect gate for the entrance.

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