Dog Supplies your Furry Friend Just Can’t do Without

Dog Supplies

Okay, your pooch can do without some extravagances. Some supplies, however, are necessary if you want to keep the canine happy and healthy. Here’s a round down of the essentials.

A Leash

You need to take your dog for a walk once in a while if you’re serious about keeping it healthy. A leash will come in handy when walking with your dog in the pack. Plus, some states have laws that require every dog owner to put their pet on a leash when out in public.

A Collar

Your furry friend could make do with a collar. Make sure that the collar has an identification tag or a microchip. That way, you can trace the animal if it gets lost. Apart from helping identify your dog, a collar also helps put your pet under control. Use together it together with a leash as you walk your canine.

When choosing a dog collar consider its features and usability. Decide whether you want an obedience of containment collar. For more information on dog collars, visit Dog Shock Training, a one-stop shop for everything you’d want to know about these devices including the best models to buy.

A Kennel

Of course, your dog must have a place to stay, which makes a kennel such an essential supply to own. Besides, you may need to place your pet in the enclosure when traveling. The best dog kennel should be comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Train your pup to use a doghouse early enough.

A Bed

A dog bed provides a private place for the animal to rest and sleep. And just like a kennel, it has to be comfortable so be sure check the materials and construction before buying. Also, ensure that the bed is large enough to accommodate your dog. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, at times a pillow can serve the purpose. You could as well place a bed in your dog’s kennel.

A Bowl

You canine friend has to eat to stay healthy (and alive). A bowl offers a convenient place for your dog to feed. Bowls come in all shapes and sizes. While you can select plastic bowls, stainless ones are more durable. And if you have the money to spend, there’s no problem in getting a ceramic bowl.

Other supplies that your dog can’t do without include grooming equipment, toys (especially at the young age) and treats.

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