How Instagram Bots can be used to grow your account

How Instagram Bots

Millions of Instagram users are using the social media platform to discover areas they are interested in. This includes following brands and businesses. This is one of the reasons why many businesses are focusing on these platforms for marketing purposes. It offers a great opportunity for growing brand awareness and introducing new products with over 60% of online shopper’s commenting that they use Instagram to discover new products. Therefore no matter who your audience demographic is you will be able to reach them on Instagram.

There are many effective methods that can be used to grow a strong following of followers and use them to both promote your brand and boost sales. In order to launch a successful marketing campaign on Instagram, you will need users following your account.

How to gain more followers

There are a lot of approaches that are effective in gaining more follower. The most common one is to find accounts that like and follow accounts with similar content to yours. They can be found by searching hashtags that are relevant to your business. Connecting with users that have similar interests and with other companies in your industry is critical in gaining a following.

Once you have found these accounts you can then use the ‘follow, like, comment approach’ to interact with them and hopefully receive a follow back. However, this time-consuming process can be effective but does not always result a follow back.

Automated Bots can be used to do the hard work for you

An automated Instagram Bot can be used to help you do this same ‘follow, like, comment approach’ but on autopilot so you do not have to spend time doing this tedious method. This is a more effective way to gain followers. For a small investment, the Bot will not only help you gain relevant followers from searching hashtags, it will also completely manage your account by responding to direct messages and scheduling posts.

2017 ended with a scandal casting doubt over the future of the Bots

The latest scandal in December has unfortunately brought some doubt over the use and safety of Instagram Bots. Instagram now has a verification loop which has affected lots of Bots and stopped them from working properly. This change has brought about huge problems for users that have been using these Bots to grow their accounts with many people now looking for another tool to give them hope. Before Instazood was one of the forerunners in the market. To check to see if it is still is head of the game you should read Instazood Review – READ THIS FIRST – Fred Harrington for detailed information.

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