What You Should Know When Using Instagram Web Version

Instagram Web

Technological advancements are continuing to make things easier and convenient for use and that is why people are very fast in adopting emerging technologies. When Instagram was launched, the intention of the developers was to introduce a photo sharing app and increase social engagement. This has changed over time and now it is among the most famous social tools for marketing and creating campaigns. Originally, the application was only available for mobile device users and its uses were limited as well. Instagram has evolved and is now able to cater for all without bias. The following are some of the things you should know when using the desktop version.

    1. Dimensions of the posts remain the same

Do not be misled by the wide view and think that you will post a 30-minute video on Instagram just because you are using a PC. Stick to the dimensions that Instagram has prescribed as this allows you to pass a message in a convenient manner by including the best parts of your shots. Do not be the lazy type that will use the same dimensions on your images across all your social platforms. Ensure that every image or video you upload is in the right dimensions for the specific platform.

    1. Some functions will be limited

Instagram is an application for mobile phone users and the desktop version is just a shell. Some functions such as double tapping to like a post will only be possible if you have a touchscreen PC. Posting content on the PC version is also not that straightforward as it is on the phone interface. Analyze the functions that a PC version can perform to avoid disappointments or failed campaigns due to inconveniences. Automating your Instagram PC posts is now possible. You do not have to worry when selecting an automation tool because a desktop version is available for tools such as PlanMyPost.

    1. You still have to focus on quality

Irrespective of the channel that you are using, do not expect much when your content is not top-notch. Potential customers are always attracted to content that they can relate to and they do not care about the device used. You still have to take quality videos and photos either using your phone or camera and upload them to your computer drives. Brand your content as this makes it more visible and outstanding among other posts. Include testimonials once in a while as people want to be associated with winning brands all the time.

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