Looking For Trash Cans for Kitchen and Bathroom? Here’s The Guide!


The two most commonly used baskets for garbage is your bathroom and kitchen trash can. Contemporarily, kitchen trash can is used for accommodating various types of wastes from different areas in your house, from non- biodegradable to biodegradable. The bathroom trash cans are used for accommodating waste in the bathroom.

The cans are specifically designed for holding recyclable or non-recyclable materials. These days, there are various types of decorative trash cans available in the market that can assist you in enhancing the look of your bathroom and kitchen. You can shop for such trash cans at Trash That. However, before buying anything, it’s important to pay attention to what you should be looking in a trash can.

Tips on Choosing Trash Cans

  • Selecting Cans As Per Required Size

For kitchen, you should go for large sized trash cans, which can accommodate large amount of waste. Generally, small sized cans are recommended for bathrooms. As bathroom styled trash cans are usually small sized, they are emptied into the large sized bins once they get full.

Moreover, once the large sized cans have no more space to store trash, they are carried outside for empting. Therefore, it’s important to choose proper sized trash bins for your bathroom and kitchen.

  • Choose The Bin As Per Required Storage Time

You should consider if you are willing to empty trash bin on daily or weekly basis. In case, you can dispose the waste on weekly basis, then you should choose a can which is sturdier. Such a trash bin will assist in keeping away the pests like cockroaches and rats from your garbage.

Additionally, such a bin will reduce the required waste time management. Moreover, sturdier trash can reduce the odor coming out of the trash can. It will be great if the mentioned bin is available with a tightly fit lid.

  • Aesthetic Features

As mentioned, design of a trash bin is as important as its purpose. Design of your trash bin may affect the overall view of your bathroom and kitchen. Stainless steel trash bins are available in sleek and shiny design in case you desire it to shine from a distance. For ensuring that there is no unnecessary odour, the lid of trash bin must be sealed tightly.


Hope this guide will assist you in selecting an appropriate trash bin for your kitchen and bathroom.

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