Mobile Spy 2015 Overview


Mobile spy is a new monitoring software development from a well-known company that concentrates on security. As it has mobile in its name, it is devised purely for the mobile platform, and would be unable to offer any help with desktop and cross-platform monitoring.

Spy2Released just in the beginning of the year it has quickly conquered its place and got among top 3 of the spy phone / monitoring tools. For now its only competitors are the Mobistealth spy and mSpy. All three provide quite the same features and allow you to monitor your mobile devices or to monitor someone else’s. The good thing there is no such distinction. As you as you install the program, it won’t bug you in order to verify your phone ownership, like for example the viber is doing. You could even install it through ADB in Fastboot and forget about it. Once you’ve copied the files, Mobile spy will activate and start its monitoring service.

Which devices does Mobile Spy support? You bet it supports the latest Android, because 99% of the users have it in their phones. Although some companies like Nokia tend to use their custom shit-made brick-ware operating systems like Windows Phone, the rest of the world, including the high tech Chinese manufacturers utilize the Android, and so Mobile Spy offers the best compatibility on this platform. For these who may wonder, yes it actually supports all variations of Android. It works perfectly fine even on Cyanogenmod modifications of Android, so if you want to flash another droid ROM just do it and do not think twice. The only precaution I would note about is the importance of baking up the data before flashing.

Once you have successfully installed the tool and copied its files onto whatever device you intended to monitor, you could now log in to your back office at their official website, and there you will see a nagging pop up window, begging you to pay for them to have some peanuts. Please do accordingly and support your favorite developer! After doing this payment, and setting up your monthly subscription you will gain access to control panel where you can actually play with your new stuff. Wanna wipe out all the data? Then click this button… Want to activate the microphone and record whatever is happening in the room? Click another button. As you see, it is as simple as clicking your mouse.

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