How to use a dog training collar

use a dog training collar

A shock collar is a gadget that transmits electric charges to a puppy’s neck to give them a noticeable sign. It is portable, lightweight, fueled by batteries, and a transmitter that transmits signals to the device.

This shock transmitted from this device is to give the puppy a gentle stimulus, like what you encounter when you get a static shock. Whenever given while the puppy is doing undesirable practices, the shock is intended to keep the dog in check.

Before using this shock collar on your dog, try to understand all elements the shock collar is made of to ensure your dog is safe.

Go through the instruction

Do this before you put it on your puppy. There is a wide range of sorts, of electronic remote practice collars accessible and you have to know how to work the neckline before attempting it on your puppy.

Set the collar and the transmitter

Ensure the collar and transmitter are in a good state before you put them on your puppy. Also, ensure that the collar is off and set to the most minimal setting before appending it to a puppy. This will guarantee that you don’t harm the dog on the mishap.

Append the Collar to your dog’s neck

Most of the training collar comes with a small prong and this have to come in contact with your dog and at the same time, you must ensure it doesn’t cause any harm to your dog. For effective response or outcome, you must ensure the collar isn’t too tight and also not too freely to the point that it can fall off.

Keep the collar on the Dog’s neck for weeks

After using the collar for the first time, do not remove it immediately instead you should allow your dog to become mastery of it. By so doing the dog will become familiar with the use of the collar and the training won’t serve as punishment for your dog.

The purpose of using this shock collar is to attenuate the negative attitude of your dog by calling your dog in order with the use of the stimulus it receives from the collar and transmitter.

Use the collar rightly

After putting the collar on the dog’s neck, start with a low intensity of stimulation and place close attention to the response of your dog. If your dog isn’t responding with the low level of stimulation then you can consider increasing the stimulus using the transmitter.

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